Reduce Travel Times in Luxury Helicopters

Considering some of the best courses in Ireland, Scotland & England are in such remote locations, it can often be quite an ordeal to travel to them via road. At Carr Golf we offer our clients the incredible opportunity of travelling by air to golf courses and experiencing our incredibly unique landscapes whilst saving large amounts of time.




Boasting two new EC 130 jet engine machines, we have the possibility to transport 1-12 golfers via luxury helicopter with luggage and golf clubs. 



Our helicopter partners in each company maintain the highest levels of quality and safety so that you can sit back and relax whilst taking in the stunning landscapes. Carr Golf will also take care of all necessary paperwork and clearance for you to travel.



With the incredible time savings of travelling by helicopter, this gives our clients the opportunity to play 36 holes a day if desired. We recently completed a trip for 6 people who played 11 courses in 6 days thanks to helicopters. 



With years of flying experience under their belts, our knowledgeable partners pilots will ensure you get to your destination in a fast, safe and enjoyable way. Sit back and take in the incredible scenery or ask your pilot about the below typography. Either way, the experienced crew is there to ensure you enjoy your trip as much as possible. 


Quite aside from the majestic experience of flying in a state-of-the-art machine and the opportunity of seeing the countryside in a way you could never do from the ground, central to the reasoning behind taking the helicopter option is the time it saves in travelling from place to place.

Ireland - Travel Time Savings

By Road By Air
Killarney to Waterville 1 hr 45 mins 20mins
Killarney to Old Head 2 hrs 15 mins 30mins
Killarney to Ballybunion 1 hr 15 mins 20mins
Killarney to Tralee 1 hr 15mins
Killarney to Dooks 1 hr 15mins
Killarney to Lahinch 3 hrs 35mins
Killarney to Doonbeg 3 hrs 30mins
Killarney to RCD 5 hrs 30 mins 100mins
Killarney to Dublin 3 hrs 30 mins 75mins
Old Head to RCD 5 hrs 15 mins 100mins
Dublin (Weston/K Club) to RCD 3 hrs 30 mins 35mins
Dublin to Portrush 3 hrs 65mins
Dublin to Portstewart 3 hrs 15 mins 66mins
Dublin to County Louth 1 hr 15 mins 20mins

Scotland - Travel Time Savings

By Road By Air
Carnoustie Golf Links to Turnberry 3 hrs 15 mins 60mins
Carnoustie Golf Links to St. Andrews 1 hr 10mins
Carnoustie Golf Links to Gleneagles 1 hr 15 mins 20mins
Muirfield/Gullane to Turnberry 3 hrs 50mins
Muirfield/Gullane to St. Andrews 2 hrs 15mins
Muirfield/Gullane to Gleneagles 1 hr 45 mins 25mins
Turnberry to Gleneagles 2 hrs 15 mins 40mins
Turnberrry to St. Andrews 3 hrs 15 mins 60mins
St. Andrews to Turnberry 3 hrs 15 mins 60mins
St. Andrews to Gleneagles 1 hr 30 mins 20mins
Kingsbarns to Turnberry 3 hrs 15 mins 60mins
Kingsbarns to Gleneagles 1 hr 15 mins 20mins
Royal Troon to Gleneagles 1 hr 40 mins 35mins
Royal Troon to St. Andrews 2 hrs 45 mins 50mins
Prestwick to Gleneagles 1 hr 40 mins 35mins
Prestwick to St. Andrews 2 hrs 45 mins 50mins
Royal Dornoch to Turnberry 5 hrs 45 mins 105mins
Royal Dornoch to Gleneagles 3 hrs 30 mins 60mins
Royal Dornoch to St. Andrews 4 hrs 70mins
Castle Stuart to Turnberry 4 hrs 30 mins 85mins
Castle Stuart to Gleneagles 2 hrs 45 mins 45mins
Castle Stuart to St. Andrews 3 hrs 15 mins 50mins
Royal Aberdeen to Turnberry 4 hrs 15 mins 85mins
Royal Aberdeen to Gleneagles 2 hrs 45mins
Royal Aberdeen to St. Andrews 2 hrs 15 mins 35mins
Portrush to Turnberry 40mins
Portrush to Gleneagles 80mins
Portrush to St. Andrews 90mins
RCD to Turnberry 50mins
RCD to Gleneagles 90mins
RCD to St. Andrews 100mins